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Liz Forest | EMF Management | Property Renovation for Expats in Geneva - Vaud - Pays de Gex


I'm Liz

I am a Boston-born Swiss-naturalised 26-year resident of the Lake Geneva / Vaud region.

I speak English and French, practice yoga and hike to keep fit, drink my coffee black and my wine white.

I am a happily married spouse of 33 years and mother of two amazingly accomplished young women.

I started adult life as a corporate employee after earning a BA and MA in economics / industrial organisation. That was followed by six-year stints with an international organisation and a Swiss-based environmental non-profit.

For all of my professional career, I have been a researcher, analyst and project manager - coordinating teams, designing work streams, building budgets and servicing clients.

It was a huge step both psychologically and financially when we purchased our first home in Switzerland. Since then, we have undertaken another purchase and plenty of renovation projects. It is those experiences, enthralling at the same time overwhelming, along with an economist's penchant to "fix" things that function less than perfectly, which led me to envision how other expats could benefit from a reliable and experienced partner in property renovation.

....And then in 2013 along came EMF.



   ...or that ah hah moment...

It seems my career took its biggest turn when I was asked to design and manage several projects in French-speaking Central Africa that were both extremely challenging and rewarding.


I soon realised that if I could undertake and successfully install an indigenous community radio station in a remote forest in the Republic of Congo, on time and budget, then I could likely handle almost anything a first-world homeowner or business owner might ask me to take on.


The key here is that a truly good project manager knows how to mobilise, motivate and tirelessly coordinate one or more experts towards a common goal. It is not necessary for the manager herself to possess all of the skills needed for realisation of the activity (I am neither anthropologist nor radio personality!) However, it is the ability to define, refine, question, convey and creatively problem-solve that will ensure the success of the project.

Give me your objective and vision, and I will research, design and execute your project on time, to your specifications and most importantly, within your budget.

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