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Have you ever de-calcified your hot water heater?

How is that for a catchy title !

But seriously, when you were renting, chances are that your Swiss lease required you to do it. Sound familiar?

If you are a homeowner, you should definitely have it on your to-do list (or at least your radar screen).

Home maintenance and water heater decalcification

Even in homes with a water softening system, it is recommended to order a service every 3 to 4 years. You will extend the life of your boiler by ages and your water pressure will thank you for it. Normal service takes a couple of hours and costs about Chf 500-600 plus small material costs.

Now that you own your own place, it is a worthwhile investment (and it is tax deductible!)

One other water-related task—this month why not do a full walk-through in your bathrooms and the kitchen to be sure that all silicone and grouting are still in good order. They are very often overlooked and can be the slow source of otherwise-preventable water damage.

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