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Mother Nature gives and can taketh away

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Do you remember a few years back......the month of June brought an incredible hail storm to the Geneva area. It swept across some villages leaving amazing destruction in its path.

Protect your home and avoid costly renovation and repairs

So if you have made any major exterior additions or improvements such as plantings, hardscaping, lighting or a greenhouse, it is a good month to be sure your insurance coverage is adequate against this kind of risk.

In the Canton of Vaud, the ECA offers a simple and inexpensive complimentary policy "Côté Cour, Côté Jardin", that covers all exterior plantings, terracing, lighting, fences and gates, sheds, tools and even garden furniture. Well worth the 150 Swissies for 100k of coverage.

Even if we never see a repeat of that famous June storm, better safe than sorry, right?

Visit the ECA website for more information.

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