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The height of home enjoyment

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

renovation Geneva Vaud

Every year about this time, we (the family) realise we need a shed for storage and overflow as the garage is maxed out and there is only so much creative stacking of tools, tiles, bikes etc. you can manage in it or under the carport.

Finding a model that ticks both functional and structural boxes is near to impossible locally so consider looking further afield or having a good carpenter give it a go.

Putting up a shed or any structure over a meter in height attached to the house or in the garden requires permission in Switzerland but you can generally submit a simple form on the fast-track approval route (la procédure simplifiée/accélérée), which takes 10 days in Vaud though up to 30 in Geneva.The good news is that the latter now allows a 100% paperless submission electronically, supposedly the first Swiss canton to do so (welcome to the 21st century Les Genevois!)

If you live in Vaud, see your local village office for more information about specific requirements and forms. In Geneva, the process is centralised at the cantonal DALE (Département de l'aménagement du logement et de l'environnement) .

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